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Berlucchi Franciacorta '61 (with oysters [with video])


Berlucchi Franciacorta '61 Brut
Price: $29.99
Region: Italy

I was recently gifted this wine and was told it went well with oysters, so I went and bought oysters and then found out you needed a schucking knife and then I tried to DIY them open and seriously almost ripped open my hand. 

So today I went to McCall's and made them schuck some for me. 
I only got four cause they're fucking expensive for small piles of goo.
So, before my review of the wine, I give you
(cause I ate the other three before filming cause I thought I was just going to do a photo essay but then I was like, "Dude, no one cares that you look like you just came from the gym because you basically did so whatever.")

What I didn't say here because I was not totally on top of my game because I was freaking out about eating the oysters before they went bad or something, is that the acidity of the Berlucchi really cuts through the brininess of the oysters.

I hate too much brine. I like A LITTLE brine cause duh that's oysters' thing, but generally I put lemon and Tabasco on mine and slurp it down. I don't like it tasting like a gooey mouthful of sea jizz. I didn't use Tabasco, but the Berlucchi did the trick. The effervescence shaved down the creaminess of the oysters as well. 

So, basically, if you don't have Tabasco,
you can get a similar effect with this.
Minus the delicious spice.

The wine itself, on its own, as I enjoy it on my couch still in my gym clothes listening to Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks, is fantastic. It's still ninety degrees here, so a nice cold bubbly bottle is 100% welcomed in this house. 

It reminds me of cold almonds and pears. Like if I had had them out for an appetizer for friends and put them in the fridge before dinner and then when I was stoned six hours later, I ate said almonds and pears out of the fridge. Totally delicious and weirdly refreshing while still having a bit of body.

Tasting Notes: Cold Cinnamon & Apples Quaker Instant Oatmeal on the nose. The palate is nutty and citrusy, while maintaining a touch of that spice from the nose. Medium-light body. Incredibly easy to drink. Probably too easy, and too fun. God, I love effervescence. It's just so vivacious, I want to spend the rest of my night drowning in its charms.

Ross Test: A bit too big out of the bottle. Still totally doable, but not as enjoyable.

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Paired: Graham Beck Brut Rosé & Girls' Album

graham beck brut rosé

For Valentine's Day, I couldn't think of a better pairing than Girls' Album and the Graham Beck Brut Rosé. "Lust For Life" is one of my favorite songs ever. It's such a silly "girly" song, while still being beautiful and even a bit poignant. The lyrics just fucking get me. It's all about having a boyfriends, wines, suntans, beach houses, pizzas-- basically everything I live for. It's the best song for putting on repeat and drinking too much wine with your girlfriends with and dancing your ass off in the living room.

The Graham Beck is a super dry and bubbly Rosé from South Africa (man, I am ON ONE with these South African Rosés lately). The color of it is the most beautiful, perfect, soft salmon. I'm not a huge fan of pink, but god damn do I love a good salmon hue. And it's so delicious. This 54% Pinot Noir and 41% Chardonnay blend tastes like a bright summer afternoon munching on watermelon and fresh picked grapefruits in a bikini with your best friends. The carbonation is bold, which I love, with a really fresh finish. Overall, this is a very enjoyable wine. Even my boyfriend, who is not a huge fan of sparkling wines or Rosés, had two glasses. 

You can pick up the Graham Beck at Whole Foods. Might have to pick up another bottle for lunch, with a pizza and a beach house, preferably. 

Paired: Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé & The Endless Summer Soundtrack

Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé
Price: $8.99

Today I am pairing the Mulderbosch Cab Sauv Rosé withThe Endless Summer soundtrack. It’s a no brainer, and here is why.

First, It is eighty-something degrees here in Los Angeles. It is straight up eighty-something in January, which decrees an endless summer if I’ve ever decreed (I haven’t). And Rosés were made for summery afternoons: cold, bright, and the color of a bed of flowers.

Secondly, Mulderbosch is a South African wine. Drinking it makes me feel like I’ve traveled across the world to sample a beautiful varietal that is familiar, yet completely new. Much like when surfers Mike Hynson and Robert August visited South Africa to surf. I mean, it’s not like they’d never surfed a fucking wave before, but they were surfing South African waves. CALIFORNIA NATIVES SURFING FOREIGN WAVES, DUDE. JUST LIKE YOUR GIRL, M.ROSS.

And I am loving this South African wave I am currently riding. Especially with The Sandals in the background. As a surf-rock aficionado, I can say this is one of my favorite albums, conjuring beautiful 16mm Bruce Brown beach fantasies in my brain. It’s pure afternoon drunk magic right now. I am on vacation, forever

Tasting Notes: When I first opened this bottle, I poured it and immediately dove in, which was a mistake. This is one of the few wines I’ve had that really do take time to open up, and taste completely different if you let them breath a bit. Once it’s had some time, you get a really nice, bright bouquet of cherries, strawberries and a little herb-ness. I really love the palate because although it is a fairly straightforward Rosé, it has incredible balance. It’s rich yet refreshing, with light berries and ample acidity. Very enjoyable, one of the best Rosés I’ve had in sometime.

Ross Test: Pass! I could see myself chugging this entire bottle without an issue in 110 degree weather next to a pool in Palm Springs in a couple months.