Paired: Graham Beck Brut Rosé & Girls' Album

graham beck brut rosé

For Valentine's Day, I couldn't think of a better pairing than Girls' Album and the Graham Beck Brut Rosé. "Lust For Life" is one of my favorite songs ever. It's such a silly "girly" song, while still being beautiful and even a bit poignant. The lyrics just fucking get me. It's all about having a boyfriends, wines, suntans, beach houses, pizzas-- basically everything I live for. It's the best song for putting on repeat and drinking too much wine with your girlfriends with and dancing your ass off in the living room.

The Graham Beck is a super dry and bubbly Rosé from South Africa (man, I am ON ONE with these South African Rosés lately). The color of it is the most beautiful, perfect, soft salmon. I'm not a huge fan of pink, but god damn do I love a good salmon hue. And it's so delicious. This 54% Pinot Noir and 41% Chardonnay blend tastes like a bright summer afternoon munching on watermelon and fresh picked grapefruits in a bikini with your best friends. The carbonation is bold, which I love, with a really fresh finish. Overall, this is a very enjoyable wine. Even my boyfriend, who is not a huge fan of sparkling wines or Rosés, had two glasses. 

You can pick up the Graham Beck at Whole Foods. Might have to pick up another bottle for lunch, with a pizza and a beach house, preferably.