is a leisure enthusiast, writer and wine drinker. She has no qualifications to write about drinking wine, aside from the fact that she has done it every day since 2012. So she's very, very qualified. 

In 2015, Marissa grew out her bangs and went on to win both Editor's Choice and Reader's Choice for "Best Wine Coverage" at the Saveur Blog Awards, was named one of Wine Enthusiast's 40 Under 40, Food & Wine's Up & Coming blogs, and Elle Magazine's Coach of the Month. Formerly a contributor at Vice Munchies, Marissa is Man Repeller's "go to wine expert" and has freelanced for Saveur, Pitchfork, Hello Giggles, and many more over. Marissa is now the Wine Editor at Bon Appétit and author of the book aptly named, Wine. All The Time. (Plume, June 2017)

A Southern California native, Marissa lives in Los Angeles with her two dogs, one cat and one very chill husband. Outside of day drinking and night drinking, Marissa enjoys sunbathing, mid-century everything, Mexican food and Cherry Coke.