Inside the Wine, Whim & Song at Coppola Winery

Music has always been an incredibly important part of my life. Although you now know me as a sort of classy broad with a wine blog, music used to be my everything. After my angsty emo teen years in which music defined my entire being, I spent the first half of my twenties writing about music. I was the editor of a music zine, and then became a part of the incredible music blogging community that will be forever be known as "2009-2011", contributing to different music blogs and writing editorials for Pitchfork.

I've always firmly believed that music affects everything around you, or at least it always has for me. It's the reason you will only catch me listening to happy "summer" music 95% of the time. If I listen to anything sad, I will get really fucking sad. I can't help but absorb everything. An old friend of mine used to get so pissed at me, "Why can't just enjoy anything to enjoy it, why do you have internalize everything?"

Well as it turns out, there is some science to this. Some science I personally don't know or understand because I'm not a fucking scientist, BUT THE POINT IS: MUSIC DOES AFFECT STUFF. 

And that is what is so cool about Coppola Winery's Wine, Whim & Song tastings. It is an exploration into all your senses. Many people have seen how a blindfold can enhance a tasting, but have you seen how being blindfolded AND listening to music enhances a tasting?

It is incredible how much the music affects the wine, and vice versa. Seriously, this is one of the coolest things I've ever experienced. Plus, it has awesome music. It's not totally lame old people music, it's like Fleet Foxes!

Full disclosure: I started crying during that damn Meiko song that is in that damn Crate & Barrel commerical but WHATEVER I AM ONLY HUMAN.

Here is a five minute sneak peak inside the hour & half adventure in senses: 

This is one of my favorite wine tasting experiences ever, and they host them once a month at Coppola in Geyserville. You should definitely go if you have the chance.

But let's say you're not heading to wine country any time soon.

You can host your own Wine, Whim & Song at home! Purchase one of Wine, Whim & Song's three volumes that come complete with three bottles of Coppola wine.

And they the best part is, they all come with some of Coppola Reserve wine, which you can't just get at the bodega down the street. And it is so so good. The Viognier is a personal favorite. 

Check them out here:
Volume One, featuring Saint Motel, Alexi Murdoch, and Chadwick Stokes
Volume Two, featuring Matt Costa, Zee Avi, and Deer Tick
Volume Three, featuring Meiko, Blitzen Trapper, and Volcano Choir

Huge thanks to the Coppola wine family for letting me come and experience this awesome tasting! So much fun. I honestly can't wait to go back and share this with my friends and family.