Recreational Review: Coppola Director's Cut Pinot Noir

DISCLAIMER: Recreational Reviews are recreational, and generally unprofessional and usually irresponsible.
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The Coppola Director's Cut Pinot Noir is really quite perfect for pairing with painkillers and spending all your money on ASOS and Etsy. I'M NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD DO THESE THINGS. I'm just saying I'm doing these things.
And it is fucking awesome.

This wine is crazy smooth and straightforward with big vibrant flavors, while maintaining the lightness that makes Pinot so easy to drink. So easy to drink that I drank the whole bottle. And I genuinely wish there was another bottle here for me to open right now. I seriously would... have like twenty minutes ago. And would probably nearly finished it by now. I loved that wine.

[Looks longingly out the window for her true love. Elvis' "Harbor Lights", or some French standard you've heard a thousand times in movies you can't think of right now, drifts on the wind from the farmer's market below.]

Sigh. C'est la vie.

Anyway, I'm out of wine and I'm starting to itch because that is what happens when Vicodin begins to wear off, but hey! I do have a new pair of palm tree trousers coming my way that I do not feel guilty about spending too much money on AT ALL because I DRANK A BOTTLE OF WINE!