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MAR x Crow Canyon Enamelware

Marissa A. Ross Crow Canyon Wine Cup

I'm pleased to announce my collaboration with Crow Canyon! 

Last September, Crow Canyon was like, "Yo, would you be interested in doing a collaboration?" and I said, "HELL YES!" because obviously I aspire to be a Martha-Stewart-ass-bitch one day and nothing says Martha-Stewart-ass-bitch like my own collection of enamelware. 

Inspired by my grandmother's vintage Pyrex and illustrations from my collection of 1950's Better Homes & Gardens and Sunset Magazines, these limited edition wine tumblers mean a lot to me. Designed by hand with help from my love and in-house designer, Benjamin Blascoe, the scene embodies the rotating circle of wine in my life, from pouring bottles to breaking glasses. Upon closer inspection, you'll find that there are bottles from my dogs Zissou and Kaw-Liga, as well one commemorating the year Ben and I met, my Grandma & Papa who lived in Malibu, and my mother-in-law, Marcia, who loved Chianti and kiss marks. We tried to get our cat in there, but he declined based on his drawing looking too much like Kaw's and said he prefers bourbon anyway.

Marissa A. Ross Crow Canyon

Fun and unbreakable (thank god), these sturdy wine tumblers are great for poolsides, campgrounds, backyards, and bedside tables. They're 10oz, which is twice the size of a shitty standard pour, and just right for a generous Ross sized pour, and come with either a Burgundy or Champagne rim. Porcelain with a steel core helps keep wine (or water, because let's be real, you gotta hydrate in order to drink as much as I do) cool, and just like other wine glasses, hand-washing is encouraged. 

I hope you love them as much as I do! They're available for $9 each from the retailers below!

Posted on July 25, 2016 .

HOW TO: Get Lipstick Off Your Wine Glasses

I love my wine glasses. I have the Nattie 18oz Red Wine glasses from Crate & Barrel, which are really nice versatile glasses that work well with reds or whites. I used to have specific glasses for specific wines, but then it became a mess of like two Pinot glasses, two Chardonnay glasses and four flutes. Can't serve wine like that dude, or I can't. I'm very professional and need to have like twelve to eighteen matching glasses ready at any given time. And by "professional", I mean "neurotic".

That same neurosis that compels me to have thirty matching glasses, is the same one that infuriates me when I can't get lipstick off my glasses. It's the worst. As if I didn't have enough to worry about with people breaking them 100% of the time, I also have to worry about people destroying and disgustifying the rims for all eternity with Tom Ford's "Spanish Pink" or some garden variety L'Oreal. I was legitimately about to ban people from wearing lipstick or lip gloss at my house, but then I was like, "Eh, how am I really going to enforce that? That is going to get real weird, real quick."

Instead I lamented to my mom, who of course had the answer. 

So now we don't have to ban our friends from wearing lipstick to save our glasses. Instead we can use my mom's secret to cleaning and continue being very chill hostesses.

Music by Monster Rally, as always.