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Happy National Drink Wine Day with Segura Viudas' Aria Pinot Noir

Happy National Drink Wine Day, probably the only national day that is basically every other day. Everyone has been like, "Yo, you KNOW it's National Drink Wine Day, RIGHT?" like the fact I didn't roll out of bed with two bottles of Cab and a pack of lit sparklers is a disappointment. Honestly, I find this day a little insulting, because it assumes we're not out here celebrating wine and its benefits straight 365, WHICH I AM. I AM A NO LIMIT SOLDIER. FOR WINE.

But whatever. Happy National Drink Wine Day. I hope if you don't normally drink wine, you celebrate our sacred grape and drink wine today. I normally drink wine, and I am drinking wine, so fuck it. Let's party and honor this shit because it reduces the chances of heart attacks, type two diabetes, cataracts, strokes, colon cancer, brain decline, being boring and having no fun. 

To commemorate this totally average Tuesday, I am drinking one of my absolute favorites, Segura Viudas' Aria [Sparkling] Pinot Noir

My first three years in Echo Park were spent mostly in local watering hole El Prado blacked out on this shit, and generally broke because of it. If you are familiar with my early blogging, you may recall a night in which I got so drunk I put my foot in a toilet, and this Cava is to blame (as well as for many, many other past-- and probably future-- transgressions).

This wine will always take me back to "that time". It's a good song like that, a quick way to time travel. In ten years, I will sip this on a barely black Los Angeles evening and remember sitting in El Prado, a VIP at Tuesday's Record Club with Origami Vinyl, with the back table basically reserved for us. We were the cool kids, in a cool neighborhood at a cool night, getting drink tickets for bringing our favorite records to our favorite bar. It was such a youthful little fantasy. And now it feels, so long ago. It wasn't really, but it was. The crowd has come and gone, along with "chillwave" records and not caring about our day jobs. 

This is one of the many, many reasons I love wine. Because of the many nights my friends and I have gathered around it, that I have to cherish.

So cheers, to many more nights downing $9 glasses of sparkling Pinot Noirs, that you may or may not be able to afford.

Tasting Notes: A dream, a beautiful bubbly little dream. A lovely rose colored glass to look through. Bright raspberries, strawberries, nectarines. Light, smooth, with just the perfect acidity. I truly love this wine. I've never seen it in stores, a friend who knows me well brought it as a hostess gift, but I genuinely hope you can find it. It's superb. 

Ross Test: Too bubbly! Don't waste it on chugging. Put it in a glass and listen to a record you love with your best friend.