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La Tordera Saomi Prosecco Doc Treviso


La Tordera Saomi Prosecco Doc Treviso
Price: >$20
Year: Unspecified
Region: Bigolino, Italy

I don't believe you need juice to enjoy sparkling wine in the morning. I don't believe you even need a flute, especially if all your flutes broke in a move two months ago and you were like, "Fuck replacing those flutes that are constantly breaking."

All you really need is Prosecco and a good pair of sweats.
And there you go. Perfect Sunday.

Put on a little Dave Brubeck on the ole LP player if you want to make it extra perfect.

So, yeah, basically just been chugging this delightful Prosecco and listening to "Take Four" eight hundred times because that is always how many times I need to listen to "Take Four". 

I'm pretty obsessed with the La Tordera because it's dry and not that sweet and that is just my favorite way to roll when it comes to having my own personal brunch on the couch. Fuck getting dressed and dealing with crowds of people in their best hangover fashions; I really do not need to get up-and-downed by some hipster bitch that probably looks a lot like myself while eating overpriced avocado toast when I have an entire bottle of Prosecco to give me all the energy I need for the rest of my day lounging the fuck around. 

And on that note, I just remembered I am not lounging the fuck around and there are people showing up to my house for a BBQ in forty-five minutes and I should have washed my hair and my house isn't quite spotless enough and I don't have any uppers so I need to get my life together, which is my least favorite thing to do on Sundays. 

Please send help [uppers]. 

Tasting Notes: Dry, lively and uncomplicated. Just a straight forward, really nice Prosecco. I can't really tell you about how it smells because I haven't put it in a glass, but I'm sure the bouquet is fresh and lovely. 

Ross Test: Considering half the bottle is gone and I have no plans of stopping, I think it's safe to say we have a "pass with flying fucking colors". 

Posted on September 28, 2014 .