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Berlucchi Franciacorta '61 (with oysters [with video])


Berlucchi Franciacorta '61 Brut
Price: $29.99
Region: Italy

I was recently gifted this wine and was told it went well with oysters, so I went and bought oysters and then found out you needed a schucking knife and then I tried to DIY them open and seriously almost ripped open my hand. 

So today I went to McCall's and made them schuck some for me. 
I only got four cause they're fucking expensive for small piles of goo.
So, before my review of the wine, I give you
(cause I ate the other three before filming cause I thought I was just going to do a photo essay but then I was like, "Dude, no one cares that you look like you just came from the gym because you basically did so whatever.")

What I didn't say here because I was not totally on top of my game because I was freaking out about eating the oysters before they went bad or something, is that the acidity of the Berlucchi really cuts through the brininess of the oysters.

I hate too much brine. I like A LITTLE brine cause duh that's oysters' thing, but generally I put lemon and Tabasco on mine and slurp it down. I don't like it tasting like a gooey mouthful of sea jizz. I didn't use Tabasco, but the Berlucchi did the trick. The effervescence shaved down the creaminess of the oysters as well. 

So, basically, if you don't have Tabasco,
you can get a similar effect with this.
Minus the delicious spice.

The wine itself, on its own, as I enjoy it on my couch still in my gym clothes listening to Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks, is fantastic. It's still ninety degrees here, so a nice cold bubbly bottle is 100% welcomed in this house. 

It reminds me of cold almonds and pears. Like if I had had them out for an appetizer for friends and put them in the fridge before dinner and then when I was stoned six hours later, I ate said almonds and pears out of the fridge. Totally delicious and weirdly refreshing while still having a bit of body.

Tasting Notes: Cold Cinnamon & Apples Quaker Instant Oatmeal on the nose. The palate is nutty and citrusy, while maintaining a touch of that spice from the nose. Medium-light body. Incredibly easy to drink. Probably too easy, and too fun. God, I love effervescence. It's just so vivacious, I want to spend the rest of my night drowning in its charms.

Ross Test: A bit too big out of the bottle. Still totally doable, but not as enjoyable.

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