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HOW TO: Get Lipstick Off Your Wine Glasses

I love my wine glasses. I have the Nattie 18oz Red Wine glasses from Crate & Barrel, which are really nice versatile glasses that work well with reds or whites. I used to have specific glasses for specific wines, but then it became a mess of like two Pinot glasses, two Chardonnay glasses and four flutes. Can't serve wine like that dude, or I can't. I'm very professional and need to have like twelve to eighteen matching glasses ready at any given time. And by "professional", I mean "neurotic".

That same neurosis that compels me to have thirty matching glasses, is the same one that infuriates me when I can't get lipstick off my glasses. It's the worst. As if I didn't have enough to worry about with people breaking them 100% of the time, I also have to worry about people destroying and disgustifying the rims for all eternity with Tom Ford's "Spanish Pink" or some garden variety L'Oreal. I was legitimately about to ban people from wearing lipstick or lip gloss at my house, but then I was like, "Eh, how am I really going to enforce that? That is going to get real weird, real quick."

Instead I lamented to my mom, who of course had the answer. 

So now we don't have to ban our friends from wearing lipstick to save our glasses. Instead we can use my mom's secret to cleaning and continue being very chill hostesses.

Music by Monster Rally, as always. 

VIDEO: Cleaning & Drinking With Dyson

Note: This post was not approved by Dyson. Or anyone.

You may not know this about me, but I am very much into homemaking. I love decorating. I love entertaining. I even love cleaning, but not as much as I love drinking wine. Cleaning is something I do nearly every day because I have pets and a boyfriend and a closet full of dirty clothes and because I'm just like my mother and my house needs to be fucking clean. I'm a busy modern woman renting a house with like four fucking jobs, so it's not always easy to fit cleaning into my busy wine drinking schedule.

Luckily with the Dyson DC59 it's TOO EASY!

No more tripping over cords and spilling wine everywhere! No more having to put your wine down to get out a step stool to dust those pesky spider webs! And no more getting on your hands and knees to collect dust bunnies instead of pouring yourself another glass! 


Shot by Antoin Huynh
Music by Monster Rally

Posted on November 5, 2014 .