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Bridge Lane Rosé


Bridge Lane Rosé
Price: $40
Region: Long Island
Retailer: Lieb Cellars

Boxed wine is a pretty polarizing thing. People generally have an opinion about it. My opinion has always been a very neutral "It's fine." I see the pros, but I mostly taste the cons. 

I'm happy to have discovered Bridge Lane, because now I can say, "It's awesome!"

Bridge Lane is not something I would normally drink. It's boxed and it's from Long Island. But the packaging is great, and you get 4 bottles worth of wine for $40. But most importantly, their grapes are sustainably farmed and handpicked! AND STAINLESS STEEL FERMENTED! HOW OFTEN DO YOU HEAR THAT WHEN IT COMES TO BOXED WINE? UH NEVER. MOSTLY IT'S SOME RANDO FROM YOUR DORM FLOOR EIGHT YEARS AGO ON FACEBOOK RANTING ABOUT SOME BOXED SHIT SHE GOT ON SALE AT TARGET AND HOW IT'S MOMMY'S JUICE TIME. Ick. 

But that is not the case with Bridge Lane. Yes, some rando may be threatening to kill her children if she doesn't start sucking some down, but at least it is a thoughtful wine. The second label to winery Lieb Cellars, these wines are handcrafted, bright, youthful and fruit-forward. This is actually my second box of Bridge Lane (I've also had the Red Blend) and I have to say, I'm very impressed. It's not easy to maintain a fresh wine in a box, in a bag, but god damn it, they did it! 

To me, this is a great answer to the summer get-together where you're like, "Fuuuck, I don't want to buy five hundred bottles of wine but I also don't want to buy four boxes of Franzia." Well, now you don't have to do either. You can buy a couple boxes of Bridge Lane and call it a party. 

Even if that party is just yourself on a Monday afternoon.


Tasting Notes: Classically rosé. Bright cherries on both the nose and the palate. Easy drinking and smooth with a friendly finish. It sticks around, but you're totally cool with it. Perfect for a party on your patio or porch. Great alone, but I believe would make for some killer spritzers as well. 

Ross Test: Sticky but satisfying 

Ask A Wino: Bagel Bites, Boxed Wine, and like Four Other Things

This week I answer questions about Bagel Bites, boxed wine, turtlenecks, natural wines, how to stay skinny while drinking a bottle a day and the age old question of is wine better than beer.

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Posted on January 28, 2015 .