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La Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero


La Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero
Price: $11 - $14
Year: Unspecified
Region: Veneto, Italy
Retailer: Search via Riondo USA

Today was the first day of Fall, which means nothing to me outside of the fact I received my electric bill for the first two months I lived in my new house, and as expected, IT WAS FUCKING INSANE. AND NOW IT IS FALL. BECAUSE I'M SAYING SO. BECAUSE I CAN'T HAVE ANOTHER SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR ELECTRIC BILL. 

And to celebrate Fall, I opened this delightful little bottle of Italian Proscecco.

And because, hey, I'm not pregnant! A million months running!

I'm a late-twenty-something year old lady who thank-fucking-god-fully isn't having a baby this month and so, I'm in the worst mood ever. I never understood why I'm punished with awful pains and terrible dispositions for not to get knocked up before I'm ready, but hey, guess that's just the plight of having a vagina! Just being mad grumpy for no fucking reason! And being left with no choice but to drink tons of sparkling wine so you don't bitch out your awesome boyfriend for no reason when he gets home in an hour!

Which I would have probably done!
And I wouldn't have wanted to!
But it would have happened!

I would have flown off the handle about something so mundane and ridiculous like all the years I've spent trying to teach him to empty the lint screen and now he empties it, but just leaves the lint all over for me to throw away and then it blows off the top of the dryer and suddenly our cat is eating it and it's a fucking mess... HAHA! SEE? SO SILLY!

But now it's fine! I've had a bottle of delicious sparkling wine! Did you know Prosecco outsold Champagne in the US and globally for the first time ever in 2013? I mean, it probably has a lot to do with the fact we're broke but ALSO! BECAUSE IT IS VERY GOOD! AND REALLY CAN KEEP YOUR TEMPER IN CHECK WHEN SOMEONE REFUSES TO RINSE THE SINK AFTER THEY SPIT TOOTHPASTE ALL OVER IT. 

Anyyywayys, the point is, is that I love The La Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero. It rescued my life this afternoon. It was basically a lifesaver of big floral notes wading through a sea of effervescence in the middle of my hormone storm. 

I love it because it's refreshing for mad temps like in my living room, and because I feel like it's going to be mad festive when I can finally wear sweatpants and "get cozy". That's one of my favorite things about sparkling wines. They're "refreshing" and "festive" so you can drink them in any weather. Can't say the same about Zins or Grigios, now can we. 

But I love it mostly because it saved me from running to the store for one or nineteen boxes of Midol tonight. AND FOR THAT, WE THANK YOU.


Tasting Notes: Bright floral on the nose. On the front, it's a little fruity, almost like I wouldn't like it it's so fruity. But on the back end it settles into its acidity and really comes into its own with a clean yet gauzy finish. So effervescent! I love it.

Ross Test: Bright, springy, but a little too fruity for my tastes.

BTW! I NEVER endorse masking feelings with alcohol, unless you already know those feelings are fucking insane period feelings that are totally not real and are going to ruin your life if you don't just chill the fuck out. xooxox