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Château Flotis "Si Noire"

chateau flotis si noire

Château Flotis "Si Noire"
Varietal: Negrette
Region: Fronton, France
Year: 2010
Price: $18
Retailer: Lou Wine Shop

2016 has been wild so far. Between starting at Bon Appétit, going to Spain twice, hosting a two day wine pool party and turning 30, I haven't had much time to review much wine despite drinking enough of it to nearly kill me. 

Having a moment to sit here with the Château Flotis right now feels like a gift. The goal has always been to get off the internet, but the truth is there is a comfort in this medium that cannot be found in emails from my editors or scribbling shorthand into Moleskins in a vineyard six thousand miles away. I've dreamed of those things, and am so grateful to see it come to fruition, but still. This corner of my couch, listening to "Starman" on repeat without headphones on, without anyone to please but myself and no fucks given, is a pleasure. I can't say I didn't appreciate it before, because I have always truly treasured these moments, but it is that much sweeter now.

I probably should have chosen a white wine to review since I haven't since September, but I've had this French red that has just been sitting on the shelf waiting for me to love and I couldn't resist. I have very little self-control, especially when it comes to funky French reds.

Château Flotis is made by winemaker Katia Garrouste. The back of the bottle makes a point to say that her wines "reflect her unique perspective" but "aren't 'feminine' per se", which annoys me. I can't tell if they wanted to point people in that direction, towards the wine's subtle femininity or if they're trying to assure people that just because it is made by a woman, not to worry! You're still masculine if you drink it! Maybe I am jaded and tired and got a super lame email from a dude comparing photos I post of me in a bikini on my own accord to being exploited for my body, but at any rate, it annoys me. Katia is a badass winemaker with tons of potential, and it's great to highlight women making wine, but I don't see the benefit of saying the wine isn't "'feminine' per se". 

My heightened and perhaps displaced sense of sexism aside, I really love this wine.

It's so soft and light on the front, like a favorite, worn thin, vintage jersey t-shirt moving across collar bones. But the back is substantial, tannic and fiesty. It goes from fruity and flirty to savory and sexy so quickly. And the whole time, it is so well-balanced. There isn't a note out of place. It's like an Olympic gymnast doing a whole floor routine to a Shakira song on a balance beam. There are so many flavors that dance upon your palate, and it is incredible how linear they are while still showcasing so much finesse. 

Although this is has been a great wine to just hang out with on my couch, I would recommend eating with it. It's a bit acidic and gripping for drinking alone, and I wouldn't mind biting into a big juicy cheeseburger right now. Or cassoulet as the label recommends as the traditional pairing, but also cheeseburgers.

Alright, I have to go get ready for my life but know I love this wine and I love you. 

Tasting Notes: Christmas cranberry mom-pedicure color. Smells like peppered, strawberry fruit leathers. Tastes like the best god damn dinner wine I've yet to actually eat dinner with. Ah! It's so light while still delivering acidic and tannic depth. Make sure to let this breathe for at least thirty minutes, otherwise it is too tannic and acidic and not nearly as enjoyable. 

Ross Test: Wow, I am genuinely surprised at how well it went! Usually tannic and acidic wines aren't always smooth going down, but that vintage jersey t-shirt soft I spoke about at the front of this wine actually carries it down the hatch quite nicely!