Hoxie Spritzers


I first found Hoxie Spritzers at one of my main haunts, DomaineLA. I personally consider myself a purveyor of portable wine products, so obviously I had to try these out. I also had to try them out because they are made here in Los Angeles with natural ingredients, and the eco-snobby hipster that only shops at the farmer's market down the street in me could not resist.

Hoxie comes in two flavors, Lemon Ginger and Lemon Linden Blossom. Both are extremely light, refreshing and not at all bullshit sugary. Lemon Ginger has a light Sprite quality on the back, whereas Lemon Linden Blossom is more herbal. If you were to ask which is my favorite, I would choose BOTH. AT THE SAME TIME. 

I've been traveling a lot in the last couple weeks, but the time I have not been traveling, I've spent drinking one of each Hoxie at the same time on my porch. I mean, I'm not chugging them both down my mouth at the same time, but you know, sip at that Linden Blossom and then sip at the Ginger. REPEAT. FOR HOURS. Which is kind of a problem, but also totally not a problem because they're only 5% alcohol, so they are designed to be drank the fuck out of.

And maybe I'm being crazy for not picking a flavor, but why pick a flavor when they are both so good and I can just drink them both? No one ever said you can't have your Hoxie and drink it too. And if they did I would say, uh, you're completely wrong. I still have three other bottles of each from this four pack, and plan on having multiple threesomes with them. 

I know I get mad sentimental about summer 2009 a lot, but I feel like my new porch life plus my new serious spritzer relationship feels exactly like this DJ Kaos song that I found out about on my old buddy McGregor's old mixtape from that summer.  

It’s quite a thrill when two flaves meet...

IDK. I think Ginger is my favorite.
But then again, Linden is on fire too.
IDK guys. IDK.

What I do know is that I have had hives for three days and I took a Benadryl and it feels like an extremely chill headspace right now. I don't want to vibe on Hoxie and Benadryl all summer, but if I have to, it would actually be a pretty fortunate circumstance. Ideally, my hives are going to go away and I will just keep sucking down two varieties of liquidized sunshine on my porch from now until the end of time.



Posted on June 11, 2015 .