Les Heretiques Red Table Wine


Les Heretiques
Price: $10.99
Year: 2013
Region: France
Retailer: Silverlake Wine & DomaineLA

I would like to pretend the above photo is that of an older, wiser Lydia Deetz but in reality this is what I look like after one full week of trying to conduct my three day jobs plus my own shit plus eight thousand conferences calls &/or meetings.

Last week, I was honored to be profiled on Grub Street by Sierra Tishgart. There was an email Friday, a phone call Monday, and Tuesday my life kind of changed. I'm only telling you this because when I was asked to be interviewed for Grub Street, I was like, "Of course! Awesome!  [an hour of high kicks alone in underwear in bedroom]" because I was crazy psyched, but at the same time, I had zero expectations because there have been a thousand things I thought would change my life that didn't. So now I never expect that.

I really did not expect how shit would suddenly go real Drake, like 0 to 100 REAL QUICK. 

Things are happening my friends, and I couldn't be happier, or feel luckier, or feel that all the time I felt I was writing for no one was well spent. And it's not even just the article and the opportunities that have arose from that. But just everything. So much is happening right now, more so than ever before for me, and I'm doing my best to breathe and enjoy it all.

Usually I try to bring this all together and tell a story. And I'm not sure there is a story here.

I'm just an exhausted and grateful woman drinking an insanely well-priced Carignan.

Which is actually, who I hope my readers are. I hope my readers work tirelessly for what they want, and then settle down with a beautiful wine at a reasonable price because they are still tirelessly working for what they want.

And this wine, is for those people. The people who work their asses off and never ask for favors and work even harder and just want to come home to a fuzzy glass of red wine and smile and give thanks and work even harder. Because you deserve a dope bottle of wine even when you know your career is coming one day and have $5.71 in your savings account today. 

Or so I like to tell myself. 

This wine is the best $10.99 wine I've ever met. I would take this to dinner parties full of industry professionals without blinking an eye. I wish I could pontificate more but IDK if you saw my face in that photo up there, but I'm legit tired. And if Better Call Saul wasn't on again tonight, you damn well better believe I would be in the tub from now until my 6AM call time.

But since it is, I've got to go put a mask on and zen the fuck out. Because red wines and facial masks just go together like, um, red wine and facial masks because that's the best pairing of all time. 

Tasting Notes: Bright and peppery on the nose, and similar palate. With velvety cherries and a bit of salty meatiness to it, reminiscent of a charcuterie plate. So damn drinkable, with a light lingering finish full of that pepper I was talking about. 

Ross Test: Fantastic! 


Posted on February 9, 2015 .