R-13 and Broc Cellars' Valdiguié


Two of my new favorite wines of the season that I plan on keeping stocked in the Ross household.

R-13 is really for wine lovers, people who aren't afraid of getting into some weird shit. Literally. It's super wacky on the nose, I'm talking it smells like manure on wood or a urinal. Up for debate. But it is surprisingly superb on the palate. Everyone smells it and is like, "Marissa, you're insane." And I'm like TRUST! And the moment it hits their tongue, their faith is restored and they are joyous and so shocked at how different the nose and palate are.

The Broc Cellars Valdiguié is a smooth gem. Airy, fruity but dry, very versatile. This is a varietal that you don't see very often on its own (it's usually blended). Most people haven't ever had it, but once they do, they are immediately in love. And Broc Cellars is just phenomenal anyway. 

Both taste like velvety blackberry sour beer wines. Amazing for the Fall transition. And they go really well in a tasting together. I suggest serving the Valdiguié first. 

Both are around $20 and both are currently available from DomaineLA.

I already bought another two I love them so much! 

Posted on September 26, 2014 .