Simple Spritzer


Simple Spritzer
• 3/4s Pinot Grigio
• 1/4 Sparkling Water
• Muddled berries
• Ice

Occasionally you find yourself with some spare berries and way too much Pinot Grigio. I know, I know. Sounds like one of them good problems. WELL IT IS. I'M VERY PLEASED TO HAVE THIS PROBLEM. 

Anyway, hypothetically, you have berries and Pinot Grigio but you're like, "Meh, don't really feel like Pinot Grigio cause it's a little early in the day for me to start scarfing carafes."  

So, you take those berries and muddle them in your choice of glass (or, if you're a disgusting monster who can't find her muddler because you moved and that's what happens, you can just chew them up and spit them in YOUR glass [or perhaps your romantic partner's if they are chill with you being a disgusting monster without a muddler] not saying this is the preferred method, I'm just saying this is also works/I'm disgusting). 

You then fill the glass three-fourths of the way up with the Pinot Grigio. You then top it off with some sparkling water and some ice.


Posted on August 27, 2014 .