Pampelonne Canned Rosé Lime


Pampelonne Canned Rosé Lime 
Price: $19.99 for a four pack 
Region: France
Retailer: Whole Foods

To continue my quest for the perfect canned wine,  I bought the Pampelonne Canned Rosé Lime because I saw it, and uh, how could I not? It's sparkling Rosé, with lime. 

And, it's crazy but, I think I finally found it.
I found the perfect canned wine!

The Pampelonne Canned Rosé Lime has a flavor I thought could only be found in the Pellegrino Limonata, one of my favorite carbonated, non-alcoholic beverages of all time. Have you had that shit? Refreshing and tangy and perfect? You know what I'm talking about right? It's fucking delicious.

Okay, so imagine that perfection
And that is what the Rosé Lime is.

There is nothing about this that isn't perfect. From the palate to the packaging, this is my quintessential estival beverage. It is an absolute dream, something I conjured with a spell on Tumblr collaging beaches in far away places and vacations from yesteryear. It breaths an air that can't be obtained outside the blocks of Beverly Hills, or on a jetset to Santorini in the 70's. It belongs under a perfectly pink beach umbrella, being sipped by a beautiful bikini'd babe. Even the company's story is straight out of a foreword from a Slim Aarons' coffee table book:

It all began on the beaches of Pampelonne in St. Tropez, France. The sea, sunshine, music, beautiful people, and of course, the wine.  In each can of Pampelonne we hope to capture those wonderful moments – full of the spirit and sophistication of the French Riviera.


Right on the label it has "Joie de vivre"
and I've never experienced a truer proclamation. 

This is awesome for the pool because hey, no glass around the pool. It is also awesome for the beach because hey, it doesn't look like alcohol which is important, trust me on this as someone who has gotten a $250 fine for just quietly chilling and drinking wine on the beach. It is also for just blogging around the house in your bikini.



Pampelonne is my new everything. I'd call it a summer fling, but summer lasts all year round here in sunny Southern California, so actually this is true love. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 7.32.31 PM.png

Tasting Notes: Ideal effervescence, light and zesty. Thirst-quenching with a perfect acidic balance. So much citrus flavor without a big body or thick finish. Beyond easy and enjoyable. The absolute summer wine.

Ross Test: The whole can is basically just the best Ross Test of all time. The only thing better than Ross Testing one can of Pampelonne, is Ross Testing the entire four pack while working on your tan.