Château de Cugat Bordeaux Supérieur


Château de Cugat Bordeaux Supérieur
Price: $12
Year: 2010
Region: Bordeaux, France
Retailer: DomaineLA

I've been on a super funky wine kick. Like all natural organic shit, weird Beaujolais  and orange wines. After annihilating probably fourteen bottles of Gamay last month, I decided I needed to get classic. I need to be pulled back with a bold red, rooted in the traditions of wine. I needed a Bordeaux. 

There's something special about a traditional Bordeaux. Something in the name that is just seeped in wine snobbery. It sounds like something I shouldn't be able to afford. That deep inky red pouring into the glass, becoming a black sea wafting waves of deep red fruits. 

As much as I love the sour kick of these new school wines, there is something very sexy about a good traditional wine. It tastes like chivalry or something. 

This wine is Christoph Waltz, a sly older gentleman that knows the customs of a world I was never a part of. He pulls out all sorts of courtesies, but still has an excellent youthful sense of humor. He's intoxicating because he is escapism. I can pretend to be a classy stately woman for a couple hours, while making sassy asides and sexual innuendos that don't go unnoticed.  TBH, I'd probably fuck this wine.

AND ALL THIS FOR $12?!?!?!

This is why grocery store wine buying is a joke, guys. I hate to say it but I mean, when's the last time you picked up a wine from the market that you almost needed to jerk off to while drinking? Probably never. And yet here I am! If I wasn't 15 minutes away from leaving for dinner I'd probably set aside the next hour for "me" time.

Tasting Notes: Big cherry, currant and tobacco on the bouquet. Smells so nice, being real, it'd probably be a very nice candle for a cabin. Has a fantastic flavor profile with cherries, currant, coffee and herbs. Medium bodied and very smooth with a semi-strong finish. Definitely is there but isn't overpowering.

Ross Test: Not too shabby, just a bit bitter. Very do-able.

Posted on November 9, 2014 .