Q&A: Napa Recommendations

Darioush and Scribe are my favorites. Darioush looks like it’s going to be an insane Persian palace from the outside, but the inside is really warm and the staff is super friendly. Their Cab Franc and their other label, Duel, are my absolute favorite wines ever.

Scribe is owned and ran by these two hot brothers and their hot team of people who are all waiting to be in some sort of Fleet Foxes band. They’re all like farm to table or whatever but for wine. It’s basically a Portlandia skit waiting to happen, but the wine is incredible. I brought home six bottles when I went. Oops.

If you can make it to Coppola, definitely do. It’s outside Napa by a-ways, but it’s like a vineyard resort. You can play boce ball and go swimming, the restaurant there is really good, and the whole place is basically a Coppola museum for his movies. I spent like six hours there. Check out Tasting in The Dark. It’s the best wine tasting experience I’ve ever had. You spend about two hours blindfolded and you learn all about deciphering different scents and flavors in wines. 

I still owe you guys a post on all my Napa adventures. Woof. One day.

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Posted on April 1, 2014 .