B Side 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon

B Side 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $24
Retailer: Ralph's 

My Mondays tend to feel like Fridays in the sense that I am super exhausted. Generally I spend a third of my weekend writing/working, a third doing house bullshit I can't wait to be able to pay someone to do for me one day, and a third socializing. That leaves very little time for chilling the fuck out on my couch in sweats with a nice Cabernet and some Martin Denny on the ole phonograph.

But that is what Monday night is for. Coming home after a long day and weekend, putting on some weird, poly-blend, silky trouser-sweats that are three sizes too big that your boss wanted to throw away but you were like NOPE I CAN CHILL IN THOSE, and enjoying a very large glass of very red wine. 

Especially such a fine red wine like this B Side.

I want to float in a shallow pool of its warmth and splendor in a tiny bikini for all of eternity. Despite currently looking like a monster on my couch, my insides feel drunk and beautiful poolside on a perfectly ninety-five degree Palm Springs day. WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY I WANT TO FEEL FOREVER. THIS IS HEAVEN. ALL WARM LOVE SUBSTANCE. THIS IS WHAT RUST COHLE WAS TALKING ABOUT WHEN HE WAS IN THE WHEELCHAIR OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL, DUDE.

Alright. Alright. Alright. I may be taking some extreme liberties there, but for real I would not be at all bummed if this is what the afterlife feels like.

Tasting Notes: This wine is delicious, and tastes a lot like how seeing a super handsome man in a really expensive suit feels. It's a little overpowering, but in a really good way. It's almost too much to handle, but then he's also so smooth. You can't help but drink it all in. Such a lovely, juicy, full-bodied, bold man of a Cab. Ugh. I love him. Blackberries, tobacco, a little bit of toast. Yum. Let's wake up together. 

Ross Test: It's a lot like when a guy kisses you and then immediately picks you up by the ass and pushes you against the wall and you're like "WHOA WHOA WHOA GUY. A LITTLE FAST... BUT... but yeah okay this is chill." So, what I'm saying is, DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT.


Posted on March 31, 2014 .