All Black With A Little Bit Of Gold @ Bottle Stock

It's hard to find great wine accessories that aren't for middle aged moms shopping at craft fairs. It's like some puffy painted "Mommy's Juice!" canvas tote next to a periwinkle sign about sprinkling while tinkling. It's a sad injustice in the world of alcohol. You don't see that shit with whiskey.

And that's why we are all quite blessed to have Bottle Stock.

Bottle Stock carries chic wine accessories that not only won't embarrass you, but will impress everyone you drink with. Founded in 2013 by friend and legit sommelier, Whitney Adams, Bottle Stock is the destination for design-loving winos. Few people embody so much knowledge, class and sass about wine as Whitney does. She is a wine genius, but is also insanely stylish and fun. 

I personally have two of their wine openers, and they are the best. Please throw out that shit you got at Safeway when you were nineteen. 

I also keep their cards stocked for impromptu birthdays and thank you's because they are pretty damn funny but super clean. They're not like sickeningly-adorable-only-for-your-fellow-bridesmaids sort of cards. They're fantastic for everyone, for any occasion. 

Now I'm coveting that beautiful black leather wine tote, which just happened to go on sale, so who knows. December may come early for ole' M. Ross. 

Here, I've put together my ideal gift basket that I'm sure any stylish Syrah/Sauv Blanc/Whatever-the-fuck drinker will totally love too.

'Good Time' Card, $6
Single Bottle Leather Wine Tote, on sale $58
'Black Tie' Corkscrew, $18
Leather Corkscrew Pouch, $28
theCoastal 'Deco Wave' Coasters, $34

Add a bottle of wine, and voilá!
You're a damn good gift giver,
and you just made someone very happy.
Even if that someone is just yourself. 


Or me.
You can buy these things for me, NBD.